Clorox Green Works


Oakland-based Clorox has been quite the hot topic of late within green circles with its recent acquisition of Burt's Bees.  The company most well known for producing bleach is working on crafting a greener image with consumers.  Using its strong brand recognition and fueled by tremendous growth and interest in greener more eco-friendly household products Clorox has introduced a new product line called Green Works.  Green Works combines the strong trustworthy image of "clean" the Clorox brand enjoys with new product formulations that are 99% natural.  Clorox Green Works officially launches nationwide today though products have been available in various locations across the country already.

All Green Works packaging is currently stock packaging according to Mary Seltzer with Ketchum, a PR firm handling the Green Works product line.  The packaging is easily recyclable.  Creative design for the packaging and labeling was done by Clorox's in-house design team. 

"Our brand marketing team wanted a label design that would create shelf-pop versus traditional cleaners and communicate the brand promise of powerful cleaning done naturally. We wanted something that was clean, simple and yet still powerful. Something that would stand out from what we typically see in the cleaning aisles, which is how we came up with the Gerbera Daisy design. The daisy is a visual icon for what Green Works is about. Natural, Simple and It Works."

Clorox Green Works is an example of how a company can take stock packaging and combine it with in-house design and put together an effective product launch with minimal outside resources.  Clorox's in-house design team also did the packaging design for the brand's Clorox Anywhere Surface Cleaner.

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