Furoshiki II - Japanese Packaging


Here's a follow up to the Furoshiki wrapping methods we featured earlier. The above image shows an example of Japanese packaged food products wrapped in the Furoshiki method. Several other examples can be seen here.

The source article for this post is featured on PingMag. This is a superb feature on Japanese packaging - showcasing eye-opening packaging principles that we hope will continue to influence US and European packaging design methods.

"To many Japanese it seems that Western packaging often appears

‘locked’, as if the contents couldn't escape. In contrast, Japanese

packages are frequently described as ‘animated’ or ‘alive’, with a

‘spirit’ inside."

The above quote from PingMag highlights the key difference between Western packaging and Japanese packaging. I think there is a lot to learn from the Japanese in terms of packaging that is more accessible, takes less landfill space and is more a part of the product than simply a barrier to what's inside.

Complete article here.

In-DepthYael Miller