It's All About the Fonts

You know fonts are an important ingredient to designing great packaging, but how do you know what font to use where? It takes a lot of intuition about the 'personality' of the font, and a good understanding of typographic history to know which font will create the right feel. I discovered a great archived newsletter from FontShop featuring font usage for a variety of packaged goods.

Here's one example...


"Izze Beverage Co®. doesn't boast their nonprofit mission
on their label, but the design’s simplicity hints that they are a
different kind of company. Izze’s sales grew 450% per year over the
first two years without any TV, print, or online advertising. Surely
their success is due in part to the bottle — clearly branded with Trade Gothic™ caps and a clever use of a Caslon™ asterisk, emulating a cross-section of the fruit contained therein."

More insightful font-use examples at FontShop.

Yael Miller