Salem Baking Co.


Spotted these guys at Fancy Food '07. They bill the Moravians as the thinnest cookies around, and they probably aren't kidding. Very thin, but full of flavor. I love vintage-style typography, especially when it manages to give a product both an old-world and contemporary feeling at the same time. They look like they were baked by someone's mother, yet you could serve them at the finest restaurant and they wouldn't be out of place.


I wish my show photos were better, but they aren't, so I grabbed the above pictures from Salem's website.

The thing to realize about the Fancy Food show is that there are hundreds and hundreds of exhibitors. Many products look similar or are all aiming for a very mainstream and generic "food" look. When you come upon a booth like Salem's, that supports their vintage style, it stands out dramatically. That is also what makes these products pop on the shelf: they are very different from the rest of their category.