Shift™, a natural, organic energy drink from Stonyfield Farms, is a new health-inspired beverage. The packaging takes advantage of the increasing accessibility of printed heat-shrink labels. The appealing package is finished with a custom-matched green cap.

Flexible full-color heat-shrink labeling (also called 'heat-shrink tubing') is becoming more accessible to those seeking to print smaller runs due to the ever-improving quality of flexographic printing on film. The line screens are finer, registration gets tighter, minimums are lower and plates are more affordable than traditional rotogravure. Rotogravure is typically suited for  very high runs due to the expensive engraved metal plates, although these plates can last much longer.

What's I love about a full-body shrink labels is the 360 degree wrap-around graphic surface, its durability (as compared to printed paper labels) and the great photographic quality you can now get on shrink film with more affordable technology.

Click here for some useful information about flexible shrink materials.