Play with Your Food Packaging

Tattfoocollage2Artist, Tattfoo Tan has a number of interesting projects posted on his web site, one of which pertains to food packaging. Eat Draw Play was a project in which the artist worked with students from St. Thomas Aquinas College.

Tattfoo asked the students to each document the food that he or she consumed in one week. They then made photo collages of the packaging, made a pie charts of their diets and created a number of other documentary artifacts.

Whether or not you agree with Tattfoo, that food packaging may bear some responsibility for childhood
obesity, these week-long photo diaries are as much a record of the
students’ encounters with product packaging as they are about the food


Drawing5The students’ pie chart “diet” drawings were transfered to ceramic plates and their photographs were made into a tablecloth.

During break time, the students were asked to bring back a part of their lunch or snack to be embedded in resin.


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