Glug, Glug, Glögg.

Link: Blossa Glögg.


Born and bred Canadian, I appreciate the cold winters: The snow creating a blanket over the community, tucking it in for a few months. Townships coming closer, pulling together with each storm and each shovelling of a neighbour’s driveway. And, of course, relishing the tasty treats that are most delectable when eaten while shivering – hot coco; plum pudding; eggnog; butternut squash soup; gingerbread; stuffing; and glögg.

For those new to the wonders of glögg, it is a Scandanavian mulled wine, typically red. Sweetened with honey, molasses or sugar, and imbued with fruit extracts and spices, nothing warms up the body – or the spirit – quite like it.

So, in looking for the perfect holiday gift for a fellow Torontonian, I thought a bottle of Blossa Glögg would be ideal. Each year, a special edition bottle is issued. A little squatter than their standard bottle, and with a longer neck in relation, it looks playful yet sophisticated. The font face of the numbers, denoting the year of issue, is consistent with the both flavour palette of the contents and the vibe of the year. Simple, clever, and effective (read: I want).

Now if I could just find out where on earth I can order the stuff, I’d be sailing….

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