360 Vodka


What sets McCormick Distilling's 360 Vodka apart from other premium spirits is the entire brand's identity is based on sustainability.

Branding communications firm Sagon Phior handled 360's brand identity including its graphic and packaging design.  "The concept behind the bottle (85% recycled glass) and logo that adorns it (blown into the glass) is all about sustainability, represented by the idea of things coming full circle or 360 degrees," said Sagon Phior's Darren Tarlow.  "Every aspect of this brand and bottle were created to be as renewable as possible, because renewable things don't end like the finite, they continue indefinitely.  That is a very hopeful and fantastic kind of thought, the exact thought we wanted to imbue in 360," he said.

The 360 degree design philosophy is also apparent in the label which was designed to wrap completely around the bottle, unlike many other brands.  Sagon Phior has worked with New Leaf 100% PCW paper with a number of its clients and brought that option to McCormick Distilling's team for 360's label.  The company liked it and 360's label is made exclusively with New Leaf paper.


Several other small touches in 360's overall packaging design philosophy make a huge difference in the brand's greenness.  The boxes the vodka are shipped in are made from recycled paperboard and are designed to be reused as moving or storage boxes.  In order to achieve this the boxes were designed with a separate top and handles on each end of the box.  This seemingly insignificant change to the traditional single use paperboard box most wine and spirits are shipped in dramatically reduces waste and gives consumers an additional piece of the 360 brand they can take home and use over and over again.

360 Vodka also includes a return mailer with each bottle so consumers can return the bottle top closure for reuse by the company leaving the consumer with a pure glass bottle for recycling.

Sustainable is Good