Gifts that Keep on Giving


Christmas Hampers are a big deal here in the UK. I never really understood the joy of "the hamper" until we received one ourselves. A few days ago, a huge, gorgeous box arrived from Harvey Nichols (a large, fairly hi-end department store). It was full of sweet treats for the holiday, such as Champagne Truffles (!) and Panettone.

Beyond the joy of the edible, I was pleasantly surprised by their packaging. Black and white labels with dramatic photography, and... gasp... no product shots! I love it. The photography captures the essence of the product without hitting you over the head with it. I mean, we all know what a truffle is, must we really show one on the package as well? It's a good case study for clients who insist that a product won't sell without product shots.

(Does it get any better than the image of the Opera singer?!?)

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