La Morena


I took this picture a while ago, but had not posted it yet because I didn't know what I wanted to say about it. I could make some technical observations about it... There is something funny about how the illustration is vignetted at the bottom—as if a clipping path was left over from a previous label in the product line. The woman in the illustration looks better here, against the solid orange background, than she does in other products where she is emerging from a bed of chipotle peppers.

But none of that does justice to the iconic allure of this label. Some will say that it's all wrong to have her gazing off beyond her orange world of product info. Like she shouldn't even be looking in that direction unless it leads the consumer’s eye to a yummy food photo. Personally, I've always been drawn to images of women averting their eyes in this way. Is that why I bought it?... for the attractive (but non-threatening) dark-haired registered trademark? (with ® next to her earring) No matter. I am not the only person to fall for this demure registered trademark. So did this person. And so did that person.

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