Philippe Fradin Yoga


Designed and submitted by Fabien Barrel: "This project was long to do, but I am really happy with the result. Philippe Fradin contacted me some months ago to realize a collection of Yoga CD, to guide his students in their practice of relaxation exercises. It was not only graphic design, but a real global project. The sleeve is the same for all the CD, printed in black, and each CD has a different color which is on th disc and a sticker that comes upon the sleeve.The CD were made on the right, the sleeve on the left, the little plastic that holds the CD ordered in the States and the sticker were printed somewhere else... I get all these together, and with the help of my wife Frédérique, we build the 500 CD (10 different CD at 50 copies each) one by one..."


The result is stunning! Very well done. Continue reading below for more photos or head over to Fabien's blog here.