The Filthy Food Company

Cheeky_boxThe Filthy Food Company has just launched its first products - a new range of indulgent chilled desserts - with branding and design by Elmwood.

"The packaging is minimalist, and distinctively white. A fluid expressive script and chocolate splodges feature heavily, along with torn out imagery and obsessive tone of voice. Language forms an integral part of the design with an obsessive love letter to the chocolate/a lover being revealed inside the pack. It’s all about the thrill of the bad and being ‘obsessed by pleasure’.


A unique structural pack is used to encourage sharing. It fans open to form a bowl, perfect for diving straight in for a guilty moment of indulgent pleasure by yourself, or even for sharing with your partner. The packaging adds to the brand’s brave attitude and personality. The carton has a soft-touch finish, similar to skin, making it more sensual and indulgent. "


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