Brickhouse Soap


Brickhouse Soap by the Soap and Paper Factory is a line of natual, handcrafted soaps. These soaps come in interesting scents like Orange Blossom and Fig.

The packaging for this line of products is successful in communicating the boutique feel of the product, through the beautiful, gift-style packaging topped with hand applied ribbons and labels. What is unique to this line is the use of illustration and color. Each scent has it's own signature organic pattern and color combination. According to Brickhouse Soap's website "Each pattern and fragrance are created together." The pattern illustrations have a wonderful hand-drawn quality to them, contrasted with a bold, modern color palette. The color choices for the patterns are wonderfully creative, the choice of green, coral and brown for the Orange Blossom scent conveys the exuberence of the scent without being literally orange.

The Soap and Paper Factory also places a huge emphasis on being an earth friendly company, which includes both their products and packaging. All the packaging is crafted from recycled materials and designed to produce minimal waste or to be re-used in a meaningful way by the consumer. Amazingly, they have managed to not sacrifice an ounce of style to create an eco-friendly product and package.