Safeway Fruit Flavored Sodas


"As part of Safeway’s new corporate-brands program,
Anthem created a strategic point of difference on shelf for their
private-label fruit sodas. Drawing from a more progressive European
design influence, Anthem’s new system removes all the extra layers and
boils each flavor down to its essence—it says only what it is and
doesn’t claim to be anything else. Each can’s artwork is iconic and
accentuates the specific characteristics that consumers associate most
with each fruit. In addition to framing the artwork, the parentheses
give focus to the simple flavor and subtly insert a succinct
explanation of the can’s contents.

The product’s form factor was
carefully considered in the packaging development as well. By keeping
the design simple, the usual color limitations were avoided; crisp,
recognizable imagery was the result. Like their contents, the cans are
refreshing, and their unified, consistent look offers an eye-catching
presence in the soda aisle."

Via AIGA, More Pics after the Jump!



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