Kilo Kai by Turner Duckworth

Kilo_kai_s is proud to premiere the latest and greatest work from none other than Turner Duckworth! Meet Kilo Kai, a new spiced rum brand from Apostrophe Brands (the makers of Effen Vodka). Launching later this month, we are excited to be able to share it with you first!

"The design challenge, says David Turner, Head of Design at Turner Duckworth San Francisco, 'was to create a highly distinctive brand with a fresh, intriguing and irreverent personality that complements Kilo Kai’s premium quality and authenticity.' Anchoring the design is the iconic Kilo Kai logo. In a category rife with visual clichés of palm trees, sunsets and cartoon pirates, Turner Duckworth reinterpreted one of the biggest clichés of all, the skull-and-crossbones symbol. The Kilo Kai bottle’s matte finish adds to the premium feel, and bottlenecks wrapped in grip tape provide a gritty, tactile sensation and touch memory for busy bartenders."

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of the design, and stay tuned later today for an exclusive interview with Peter Allen, Brand Strategy Director at Turner Duckworth. He will be discussing details of the Kilo Kai project and the design process at Turner Duckworth itself!

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