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Over the next several months, BertCo will attempt to cover the basics of how to create innovative folding cartons and rigid boxes from a manufacturer’s POV.

"Our devout packaging geeks will chime in to answer technical questions - think ‘Dear Abby’ for packaging designers.  We're not expecting to cover much about graphic design, but instead the more technical aspects of making successful boxes. We've geared this to someone relatively new to the field, but feel free to send us mind twisting, packaging design scenarios. We’re here to help."

If you any questions that you would like the folks at BertCo to answer, please fill out the forum below. 

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About BertCo 

A history of long standing expertise. Bert-Co was founded in 1930 by Berton P. Couturier. The first print shop was located at 356 S. Broadway Street in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles.

Early work included printing matchbook covers and travel brochures with letterpress equipment. Later work included imprinting the center labels for vinyl records and eventually record jackets for many major record labels. In the 1960’s, Bert-Co had the distinction of producing the first record jacket printed in the U.S. for The Beatles (Abbey Road). In the 1980’s, Bert-Co became well known to software and computer gaming systems such as Atari. In the mid 2000’s Bert-Co expanded towards the east with an additional plant in Pulaski, TN and added Bert-Co International, a sourcing office in China.

Bert-Co continues to evolve into new avenues including specialty packaging to many luxury markets, including beauty, distilled beverage, fancy food and entertainment. Bert-Co excels at unusual coatings, unique substrates, and sophisticated structures.




Suzan Kerston

Suzan Kerston


Suzan Kerston is a packaging geek. She attended Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, completing her studies in graphic communications. She is Executive Vice President at Bert-Co where she has worked for 31 years.
Since 1930. Bert-Co specializes in high-degree-of-difficulty folding cartons, rigid boxes and other specialty packaging. Domestic manufacturing and global sourcing.